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  • "A well exercised dog is a happy dog, and can prevent and alleviate behavioural problems"


  • An initial free consultation will be carried out to meet yourself and your dog(s) finding out their individual needs, habits likes/dislikes etc. and show our companies insurance policy and DBS. Dog walks aim to give a balance of basic training and obedience, (teaching "good manners" through positive reinforcment), exercise, mental stimulation games and fun.


  • If your dog is showing signs of being unwell, especially if kennel cough is suspected please inform us immediately as they will require an individual visit. Dogs must be well socialised and non aggressive to use any of the walking services. We are closed Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Group Walks Lunchtimes  (45 minutes from arrival at destination of walk)

  • Small group walks cover the lunchtime period typically of 4/5 dogs and the walks are 45 minutes long. We have a lovely group of dogs since starting in 2012. Dogs will be walked on or off lead after an initial period of getting to know them. Dogs must have a good recall to be allowed off lead and stay with the group for their safety and that of the group and others, as we do like to be courteous to others.


  • For offlead walking signed consent is required for our insurance purposes, this is not a disclaimer. Dogs are transported in our crated naturaly lit van then walked onlead iniatially to a safe place to be let offlead. Throughout the year we vary our walks within the local area. We have a doggie shower to rinse off mud from those furry legs and bellies, and dogs will be towel dried to the best of our ability to be returned home clean. Water is available for the dogs.  After their walk fresh water will be given and fed if required. Places are for regular clients.


  •  1.5 hour Group Walks - More active or young dogs, why not join us on two back to back 45 min  

         group walks, regular clients only covering the first two lunchtime walks.


  • Puppy Visits - During puppy visits initially we will focus on toilet training within the garden (depending on age, vaccinations) then begin short walks outside before joining the group walks once old enough. During this period we will develop a bond and work on the basic commands of sit, wait and come. Pup will also be fed as required. Texts will be sent to update you in these early weeks to let you know how pup is behaving.






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